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Less pressure, more leisure.

This pesky pandemic business got you in need of a pick me up? We've brought our our favourite LA-based Australian synth-poppers and panty droppers Miami Horror DJs to take you on a journey to the epicentre of poolside pleasure. 

As a proud supporter of Support Actthis series is our platform to connect with our favourite artists and raise awareness for the musicians, crew and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

This week we're joined by the man behind the mammoth musical force Mr Benjamin Plant aka the bands producer, synth-lord and bass guitar-slapper to bring their signature baselines and funk to your next lounge-room boogie. 

Since founding the band out of a love of Roland keyboards and French-house, Miami Horror have gone onto become a prominent fixture within the Australian pop-dance scene with nostalgic classics like Sometimes and Real Slow soundtracking some of our fondest summer shenanigans. 

With a new album on the horizon, we caught up with Mr Plant for the lowdown on life in lockdown in LA before he blessed us all with an upbeat and sun-touched curation of poolside vibes. Stream the mix via SoundCloud and peep the full interview below.   


1) Ben! We hope you're holding up well... how are you and where are you right now? 

Hey! I'm very well. I'm stuck in LA basically... just working on the new record.

2) We're very amped on the new record... how has the summer treated the band so far over in the states?  

It's actually been a blessing in disguise. It's made me re-evaluate music in general and have been on a winning streak with new ideas. But most of all, just feeling really connected to the new stuff for the first time in a long time. 

3) Before COVID crashed the party, you guys were spent a majority of last year sky high for your world tour. What are you guys missing most about playing shows?

One of the best parts about touring is really the travelling and adventure... playing is the icing on the cake. 

Definitely missing jumping over to Mexico and South America for some adventurous weekends away DJing. 

4) The show must go on as they say... we've seen you guys headlining some Minecraft Parties. Can you tell us what we're missing out on?

Well personally I think there's absolutely no way you can do a live show justice on livestream unless it's really epic visually and in an amazing location. 

So rather than doing a shitty version of something, we opted to take part in something completely different. It's also a lot more fitting to DJ sets and things like that... I think you should definitely check it out since we've all got some time on our hands.

5) Speaking of gigs... We're longing for another MH Block Party down under when this is all over. Who would you guys put on your dream bill?

Jadu Heart, Young Franco, Folamour, Model Man, Jerome Blaze. 

I've gone somewhat realistic here and chosen some smaller names!


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