Music sounds better at the Leisure Club. 

Since we discovered LA-based duo Neil Frances in 2017 following the release of their Stardust cover which broke the internet and has seemingly since snuck itself into each and every one of our Sunday sessions... we've been praying daily to the disco disciples up above to get them on for a spin. 

Today, we're launching our Leisure Club Mixtape Series with the lads themselves and we couldn't be more chuffed. Since 2017, they've powered through a stack of releases including a dreamy debut EP,  become a global name in indie-electronica and supporting the likes of Jungle and Poolside all whilst cruising around the US festival circuit. 

As anticipated, their contribution has set the bar for our latest mixtape series - plug into the Leisure Club below and feast your eyes on our catch-up with Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry from the band where we chat all things life in the US, their upcoming EP and post-pandemic partying... we can dream, right? 


Thanks for jumping on for a mix - we were blown away to get the lads on board. We’ve been following here in the office since the Stardust cover which has probably made it in every BC DJs set to date… what inspired the very spicy track selection on this mixtape?

J- Thanks for having us. we’ve done a few mixes for a radio station here in LA called Dublab. They've generally included a wider array of genres and tempo which makes them tougher to put together. We wanted this one to be a little more dance floor focused. All spice no chill.

M - Spicy indeed! I happened to be listening to quite a bit of Robyn over the winter break so it felt natural throwing in some dance floor anthems..

2) Falling For You and all the new releases are sounding dope. We’re amped for the EP release next month (dropping March 12th). How did this one all come together and any insight on the creative process?

J - Well we wanted to include both of our covers on the EP so they get an official vinyl release. Creatively the EP came together pretty quickly. Marc and I are pretty fluid when it comes to making music these days, and we thought it was time to build out a fuller release.

M - It’s funny how we’ve been reverse engineering this EP for quite some time. It’s sort of an “oh shit, look at that, we have an EP” moment for us.

3) The last year hasn’t been particularly friendly to the live music industry and USA in particular… how have you guys coped through it all and any silver linings worth mentioning?

J - Yeah it’s been such a strange time. the toughest part for me was that it constantly kept getting worse with the peak hitting in December / January which was the first time I was genuinely wary and concerned of seeing more than the 3-4 people i’m closest with. Silver lining has definitely been being able to focus on a lot of new music last year.

M - We’ve been pressed to try to create and perform differently given the circumstances. During the height of cases in LA, we didn’t want to bring the full band together so Jordan and I came up with a 2-man live set we could perform for a live stream opportunity. Using sequencers and drum machines we’ve figured out a way to play our tracks with our analog gear and no computers (a little rule we’ve made for ourselves). It’s actually really fun and has been so creatively productive.

5) Go-to track right now? 

J - Right now I’d say Madlib - Two for 2 (for Dilla) such a masterful display of the art of sampling.

M - I’m really loving Hether - “Morning Bells” these days. 

6) ... And one that gets Neil Frances in the mood for anything?

J - Ok this track is top 5 weapons and gets me in the mood for action... AB/DC - This Feelin

M - A Number of Names - Sharevari ... just a classic that I’m always happy to hear pop on.

6) Finally… who would be billed for the dream Neil Frances post-pandemic party and where would it all go down?'

J - 2manydjs and james murphy in that despacio soundsystem they created together a few years back

M - Yep, can’t imagine anything much dreamier than that. 





brijean - moody
moodymann, amp fiddler - got me coming back rite now
baby oliver - primetime (uptown express)
patti jo - make me believe in you
sault - free
surface - falling in love 
cathy dennis - touch me (all night long) - 7" mix
soul reductions - got to be loved - extended mix
neil frances - falling for you
demon - you are my high
bobby thurston - you got what it takes
goody goody - it looks like love
bel amour - bel amour (classic vocal mix)
robyn - ever again
shigeo sekito - the word ii