Who is Barney Cools?

Barney Cools is an Australian lifestyle clothing company boasting a rebellious spirit and an open mind. We’re globetrotting, salt water lovin’, laid-back dudes on a mission to share good times with an international audience.

The Tree House in Whale Beach, 2013.

What started in a treehouse can now be found in New York to New Zealand and beyond.

Born in 2014, Barney Cools is the by-product of a treehouse, a young creative, and his affinity for surfing and enjoying life. Nat Taubman aka our Cools Capitano, started his design career with the likes of Zanerobe and today heads up his own free-spirited project, Barney Cools.

@jeantonique in the Eastern Caribbean, 2022.

Since 2014...

Our designs have given people a vehicle to share our expressions – inspiring smiles and optimism. Coastline to alpine – when there’s swell we surf, when there’s snow we ski and if the beers are flowing, you’ll know where we’ll be.

Cools Design Studio, 2022.

We treasure your leisure.

We're inspired by music, exploring and of course our clothing – we strive to convey this in our iconic Australian way. We’ve tokened our style as being ‘Poolside’ as we believe your clothing should reflect your dream lifestyle.

Poolside Etiquette
Since 2014.

Sydney is our home, but the world is our oyster.

Stay Cools.

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