Ah, the great indoors...

In the wake of what’s been going on around the globe, we’re starting to get comfortable with the fact that it looks like we’ll be bunkering down with our homies for a hot minute. As we collectively cruise through some uncharted territory, it’s time to get cosy and remain Cools, calm and collected through these wild times.

With the world seemingly on pause, there's never been a better opportunity to get on-top of your life and not fall behind. As your destination for self-isolation inspiration, we've pulled together some fresh ideas and our finest tips on staying sane whilst making the transition from full-time frother to fully-fledged hermit.

1) New Tunes

Now is your chance to clean-up your playlists, discover new tunes and support our artists doing it tough. Peep more ways to support our musicians here

2) Detox 

With no bender temptations, it'll probably never be easier to resist a beer. We might try abstain from the ales this April and see how our bodies cope. 

3) Get cosy

Comfort is key in our freshly curated quarantine selections

4) Lay off the darts

It's not a bad time to go cold turkey on the ciggies. Smoke Free is a rad app to get started.

5) Podcast recommendations

Betoota Advocate have good chat, Coronacast by ABC News will keep you informed as ever and My Millennial Money have always got some tips on not going broke. 

6) Spotify Playlists 

You know we got 38 hours of tunes here right? Peep our evolving collective of our favourite chillout and poolside tunes. 

7) Ring Nanna

Cause that's important. If you don't have one, call your pops or a homie in need. 

8) Start a challenge 

Tik-Tok ones are firing but there's a lot more productive ones out there. We're gonna try give this 12 week half-marathon guide by Medibank a crack. 

9) Refresh your resume

If you've lost shifts, your job or just got some extra time up your sleeve. Probs best to pimp your LinkedIn profile as well. 

10) Meditate

We don't know how to either. Headspace is good and offer a free trial. 

11) Pick up a language

Because no-ones smoother than someone who speaks French fluent. Duolingo is a good start. Tip: You never run out of lives on the desktop version. 

12) Order a take-away cocktail

If detoxing ain't your thing... a bunch of local licensed venues in NSW are now doing door-to-door cocktails. PS40 bar are selling cocktail kits too for our local homies.

13) Get in the kitchen

We're always finding new ways to get cooked. Our go-to quarantine cook up at the moment are Mexican Bean wraps

14) Grow a moustache

Or better yet, handle bars. This guide to growing handle bars is all you'll need. 

15) Nap more

Sleep is not for the weak. 

16) Fapstinence

Pornhub just hooked up all the crew with a free premium subscription for a month... but there's more to life than quarancreaming your pants. 

17) Tune back into the radio

Poolside FM is rad. 

18) Read, read, read 

V-important for your sanity, enhancing your imagination and tidying up your vocab to impress your first post-isolation Tinder date. 


We're thinking of all our crew who have lost their jobs amidst the madness. It's going to be a wild ride but we're in it together... stay positive, stay occupied and stay Cools.