Good times and great classic hits.

As our homies from the Northern Beaches lock down in the lead up to the holiday season, we’ve invited Newcastle electro-pop duo Boo Seeka to jump on our Cools Cabin Fever Mixtape Series and spread some holiday vibes with some  disco delights.

As a proud supporter of Support Actthis series is our platform to connect with our favourite artists and raise awareness for the musicians, crew and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

No strangers to a summer classic, the lads latest release Never Enough (listen here) is a punchy poolside track that has been getting a fair rinsing over here at BCHQ. We caught up with Ben & Michael to chat how they've been navigating the new normal, 2021 plans and their dream post-pandemic festival line-up.  


1) Hola lads! Hope you're doing well and big thanks for joining us on the series. How have you both been holding up and where have you been camping out the last couple of months?

We've actually been semi lucky and been parked out in Byron/ Gold Coast for the majority of this pandemic so we're counting our lucky stars. Been writing some killer tunes + I (Mikey) have a killer base tan.

2) Your latest release Never Enough has been getting a fair rinsing here at the office. Can you tell us a bit about the release and what's the dynamic of releasing tunes in the 'new normal' ... how weird is it? 

NE has been so amazing to watch happen from our end. We've been sitting on the song for a little bit and have just been working on our team and labels etc etc and think we've found the perfect combination! The song has surpassed any of our streaming records in only 2 weeks and has been getting a lot of love!

The song is super fun, right!? But the meaning is slightly darker - It's almost like a sad song dressed in a pink suit. We love the idea of the song taking on so many different connotations and wouldn't change it.

3) Biggest challenge you guys have faced since the onset of the pandemic and what's the biggest silver lining?

I think it was just such a dark time for the world, hey!? We thank our lucky stars each day that we didn't lose anyone close or have anything hit us too hard.

The silver lining is how strong the music industry will be once everything kicks back off! We've been chatting to heaps of acts and are so keen to link up, write, perform, get loose etc etc and I think it's almost brought musicians closer! Here's hoping.

4) And... what are you looking forward to on the other side of this once we're all vaxxed up? Any plans for shows or an album?

.......Album coming July/ August. That's all you sneaky buggers get.


5) You guys are managed by the homies at Untitled Group who are no doubt leading the charge when it comes to innovation across the music industry ... what's it like working with them?

The best part? Mike and Tom are 2 of our good friends first of all so "work" is always made easier!

The hardest part? I think managers have, in the past, got their acts out of jail when needed! These boys would unfortunately be sitting next to us in the cell....

6) Last but not least. If you guys had the opportunity to run the perfect post pandemic festival... where would it all go down and who would join you guys on the lineup?

We're actually playing about 5 festivals early 2021, which will be as close to perfect as possible BUT we're noticing NSW is missing out!

We'd throw a big 2-day event somewhere on the south coast with killer tunes, epic food, fuck off wild party tents and accom that influencers would tell their mums about.

Winston Surfshirt, Genesis Owusu, Rufus Du Sol, Set Mo, Slowly Slowly, The Veronica's, Dua Lipa - You up? ;)



Cools is calling upon our all our music loving mates across the globe to support the industry appeal where possible. With your help, we'll be able to support our music workers through this difficult period and help them be in a position to bounce back louder and throw a post-pandemic party for the ages. You can do your bit by donating directly to the Support Act COVID19 Emergency Appeal below.