Did someone say disco?

Bringing the fun and warm vibes to our Leisure Club mixtape series is Melbourne born and all-round global nomad LeBRON aka Sam Roney.

Formerly based out of Europe and recently locked down in Melbourne, LeBRON is known for his in depth mixtapes influenced by the energetic era of the early 80's and ranging across a plethora of genres. If artists like Breakbot, Joey Negro, Dimitri From Paris, Daft Punk, Purple Disco Machine, Crazy P and Folamour tickle your fancy, you're onto a winner here.

Dive deep into another disco love affair streaming live now via our SoundCloud. We caught up to discuss all things touring, Melbourne lockdown and fondest festival memories as well below.

Thanks for being Cools.


1) What’s a normal day in the life of leBRON?

There is nothing normal in my day....

2) We discovered you first via the crew at Poolsuite FM (arguably the world’s best digital radio station!) - how did you link with the crew there for a mixtape?

 Thanks to the small disco community around the world they found me on Soundcloud. I was super excited to collab. Their website and app, once called Poolside FM, is super cool and smashes retro 80s 90s vibes we grew up with.

3) Tell us a love story... where does your love for delicious disco derive from and where did it all begin?

Funny how life works sometimes but my parents weren't into disco, funk and soul at all. They never had any records or tapes either. So as young as I can remember watching TV or randomly tuning into the radio I would randomly come across these fun rich melodic disco funk grooves.

Being so eager to find out more, I'd ask my parents who the artists were. They had no idea and told me to go to the record shop and find out myself but i was to shy. The tracks seemed lost forever!

Then a decade later, when the blog days arose, I had found myself into the nu disco french house music scene. I started to rediscover all the samples and tunes i remembered from my childhood. Since then i have caught up for lost time and now have hard drives after hard drives of the rarest disco funk and soul.

One example was as a 6 yr old in primary school our teacher used to play the same record over and over again. I never knew what it was but it just resinated with me. 15 years later at 3am about to fall to sleep, i came across 'The Pointer Sisters - Automatic!' I couldn't believe how crystal clear the memory was. I don't think I slept that night dancing around that excited.

4) How has music got you through the world’s longest lockdown and arguably the biggest clusterf*ck of all time in Melbourne?

It's definitely been a tough time for everyone but a tricky one for musicians. You'd normally think it's been the perfect time for production but to make music you need inspiration and it's certainly been hard for musicians to find that when there's no live music or gigs to look forward to.

But having said that I have been lucky enough to really indulge and explore my full collection of music which i never really used to find the time to do. Then really opening up my ears observing and listening to songs in a more patient and appreciative way than i did before.

This has been an amazing self satisfying experience and inspiring for new ideas which i can't wait to get out to people whether it be in a mix or in the production of a song. I've been lucky to feel quite happy in this climate, especially in the mentally harmful fast paced world we live in today where our attention-span's have shortened and trends seem to expire in only a few weeks. It's definitely been a saviour.

5) You’ve played sets and held down residencies in some of the worlds greatest party cities - what’s the most memorable set you’ve played to date?  

So many places i could mention have all been special in their own ways. The people are the most amazing part though. There's nothing better to play music for people who all share the same passion of music. From the bookers, other DJs, the people in the crowd, the venue owners etc. I have ended up spending days with these people after gigs, immersing in their culture. Meeting their fam and friends from all sorts of backgrounds.

My favourite city though is probably Paris. It really feels like every day is the weekend there. The clubs all around the country are amazing. New York, London and Berlin are up there for me too. But some of my most memorable parties were:

• Playing in Estonia at 3am in sunlight.

• Playing in Texas then after the party going to a 7am church service with.

• Playing at a 5 day wedding in safari in South Africa.

• Playing in a Soccer Stadium in Montenegro until sunrise.

• Playing at my favourite festival on a beach in the Med 'Calvi on the Rocks

6) Fill us in on a secret… what’s your fail-proof and number one go-to floor filler track?

I have a few favourites but I love playing 'Maurice Mcgee Do i Do.' Maurice actually lives in Italy these days and I got in touch with him. Lovely old guy and beautiful singer but he's amazing the track has become popular again today. I think someone from Running-back records did an edit.

7) Best hangover cure?

I need soda water and pickles!

8) First thing you’ll be doing once the lockdowns are lifted?

Down here in Melb we are already teeing up some club nights to begin but would love to set up an open air with some friends and have a party in a park. But before all that work straight to the pub for many pints and a parma!

9) Best emerging disco act?

So many people I follow. But a guy Pabels is doing some great mixes out or Argentina. The Dames Brown girls are killing it out of the States at the moment. I also am a big Donny Benet fan. But always loving whats coming out of Europe. A group call PPJ is really vibing at the moment.

10) With brighter days ahead, what can we expect from LeBRON this summer and beyond?

I'm overdue for a a ton of music releases but working like mad to have some tracks ready for mid to end of summer here. Then an album ready for hopefully an open northern hemisphere summer. But also I have a ton of mixtapes ready to and coming out soon.

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Barry White - Let The Music Play 
Ned Doheny - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me 
Heat - Follow You Home 
Mystic Merlin - Perfect 
Afia Mala - Koma
Dimples D - Sucker DJs 
George Benson - Shiver 
Ta'Boo - Over The Ledge
Atlantic Starr - Let the Sun In 
Gladys Knight - Save the Overtime (For Me)
Family Brown - I'm Gonna Getcha 
Change - Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
Prince - Lauvaux
Chic - Burn Hard 
Dynasty - Pain Got A Hold On Me 
Bon Rock - Give Me (What I Want) 
Crypton - All My Lifetime 
Felicity - Something About You 
Donna Allen - Sweet Somebody 
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band - Bush Beat 
Karisma feat. Jocelyn Brown - Got You Dancing 
Rainy Davis - Tell Me 
Raydio Ray Parker Jr. - For Those Who Like to Groove 
Earth, Wind & Fire - Jupiter 
Greg Phillinganes - Only You 
The Bar-Kays - She Talks To Me With Her Body  
Eddie Murphy - Boogie in Your Butt 
VANITY 6 - If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang up) 
Skool Boyz - Burning Up 
Platinum Hook - Woo 
Atlantic Starr - Love Me Down 
The Blackbyrds - Don't Know What To Say 
Delegation - Heartache No. 9 
Melba Moore - Shame 
Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) 
Chic - Rebels Are We 
Narada Michael Walden - That's the Way It Is 
LALA - Into The Night 
Evelyn King - Love Come Down 
Armenta & Majik - Comment Allez-Vous? 
Sylvester- I Need You 
Beautiful Bend - Make That Feeling Come Again 
Aretha Franklin - What a Fool Believes