Pop therapy is easy.

Welcoming our latest guests to the Leisure Club Mixtape series, our long-time favourite funk-folks Video Age from the land of po-boys, jazz clubs and the melting pot of cultures, New Orleans.

Playing music together for the last decade and longtime friends from their early years coming up in the DIY scene, Ross Farbe (vocals/guitar) and Ray Micarelli (drums) began the project with their debut album in 2016 and have been crafting their signature early 80's synth-pop sound with experimentation and collaboration playing an important role in their magic-making recording process. 

Since catching our attention with their second full-length album Pop Therapy back in 2018, it's safe to say we're delighted to have them join us for a quick mixtape after regular inclusions in our Poolside Etiquette playlist over the years. 

We caught up with the dynamic duo on the blog to chat about life, being back on the road and emerging bands to keep an eye on. Stream the mixtape via our SoundCloud and peep the full interview below. 

Thanks for being Cools.

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1) Location check, where are we talking to the Video Age crew from right now?

Hello! We’re home in New Orleans, Louisiana. Or NOLA as we say in texts.

2) The mixtape is very fun. And groovy, thanks for pulling it together for us! Any particular inspiration on the tracklist, or just all round good times?

 We were thinking of y’all! Glad you like it.

3) How was the Pleasure Line Tour and being back on the road?

It was so sweet! We really missed being able to play for people during the lockdown. Finally performing these songs we wrote so long ago was a pleasure. No pun intended..

4) What was it like releasing an album mid-pandemic?

There was a period when everyone was so locked down that new music on the internet was a small bright spot. We were really grateful to have the support of our wonderful label and listeners.

5) Pop Therapy is easy... but what's the most challenging thing about being Video Age?

The most difficult part is the latency between conceiving a musical idea and getting it into the listeners ear. Especially with the vinyl production delays these days! But patience is a virtue. We’re working on it.

6) Any emerging bands that should be on our radar?

Our band mates Nick and Duncan released an amazing record last year! The band is called The Convenience, the album is Accelerator. Also, Maddy Kirgo has a new record in the works that we think you will love.

Not really emerging, but Esther Rose and Julie O’dell are a couple more friends doing great things.

7) What's the best and most memorable show you guys have played?

Ross’s mom’s 50th birthday party, our second show ever.

10) Whilst we're on shows, can you guys please come to Australia? Our nanny state has finally opened the borders, it'll be a good time. We promise.

We would absolutely love to tour in Australia. We’ve never been so we’ll need a tour guide :)

11) Best Po-Boy in New Orleans? (If not Po-boys, just general food/best restaurant)

Than Dihn for Vietnamese po-boys! There menu is huge and it’s all great. For the classic New Orleans po-boys, it’s Parkway or Liuzza’s by the Track.

12) What's on for the rest of the year?

We’ll mostly be at home writing and recording new music.

13) Thanks for coming on. We love you guys!

Thanks for having us!

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Air - Grieve Not The Spirit
Carly Simon - Why
Dijon - Many Times
The Convenience - Accelerator (Pts I + II)
Prince - Good Love
Caroline Polachek - So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings
Junie Morrison - Super Spirit
Shy Boys - In Gloves