Welcome to Cools Cabin Fever.

In the midst of the monumental madness around the globe, we're delighted to be launching a fresh mixtape series in support of Australia's music industry which we endeavour to become your destination for isolation inspiration. 

Whilst recent times around the world have rattled us all, there's no doubting that our homies within the music industry have suffered some of the most immediate and devastating impacts as a result of the worldwide response to the crisis. As of writing, the music industry has lost over $200 million in lost income according to the crowdsourced initiative I Lost My Gig Australia... and apparently that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

As a proud supporter of Support Actthe heart and hand of Australia's music industry and sole-music charity down under, this series will become a platform to connect with our favourite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our first guest is Baghdad-born, Adelaide-based and long-time Cools homie Motez. To tell his story in one paragraph would be impossible - from escaping war-torn Iraq to DJing on the world's biggest stages. This video by The Feed (SBS) sums up the genius behind the music and still gives the crew goosebumps to this day.

The word 'Lord' does get bandied around often around here, but in the case of Motez it's more than justified. Get to know how he's coping in isolation and stream his exclusive mix via our SoundCloud below. 



For this mix I wanted to play music that would hopefully cheer people up. All of this music feels damn good. Whether it's a toe-tapper, jazzy bopper, slower groove or more euphoric uplifting house number, all of this should fill the room with positive energy. 


For me it's making music and letting these completely odd circumstances we are going through and experiencing, creatively drive something new. I am taking the time to delve into new avenues and processes in producing music that I usually wouldn't have the time to explore. 


So I guess my tips here would be for people to take this time of isolation, slowing down and recalibration as an opportunity to try out those things you never had the time, energy or focus to do.


Been reading lots of books that I bought ages ago but were sitting in my bookcase, currently finishing off The Beekeeper by Dunya Mikhail, I'll then finish off Swing Time by Zadie Smith. And like the rest of the population, I've been watching lots of TV, haven't started Tiger King yet though, need to see what the fuss is all about? Also, my housemate is a fantastic cook (and top notch DJ), so we've been spending lots of time making tasty dinners in the kitchen

3) What's been happening since shit got weird?

It has been a continued process of firstly trying to work out what the hell is going on... like we all are. Then it's looking into how this is affecting me and how I can make the best of a usually disruptive situation, I have always been a fan of disruption in how I make music, there's always merit in that. I am settling into the reality that this could be for a longer-than-expected time, it's finding the flow of producing and as I said above, creatively exploring new ways of making music.


As for music, I have a few new release recommendations that I can't stop listening too including the new Icarus album "Unfold", it is a beautiful piece of music, so is the latest Fabriclive compilation by Maribou State. Also, the new Four Tet album is providing me with lots of calm and inspiration for what is coming out next for me.

4) How can we do our bit to support the music industry over the next little period?

Keep streaming, keep listening and where you can buy music, be it vinyl, CD's or merch.

Hold onto your festival and concert tickets and await the reschedule dates rather than asking for a refund as this helps keep promoters and venues afloat - we (artist & punters) need these guys when everything bounced back!

Engage with your favourite artists! Watch their live streams, listen to their music, buy a tee-shirt.... It's going to be a tough time for artists & creatives - show the love, let them know you're there and you're watching/listening, and they'll return it with their best work. 

5) Cheers for hanging. Any closing words of wisdom for the crew?

Stay at home. Wash your hands. Cook new dishes, FaceTime a friend :)


Cools is calling upon our all our music loving crew across the globe to support the industry appeal where possible. With your help, we'll be able to support our music workers through this difficult period and help them be in a position to bounce back louder and throw the biggest post-pandemic party of all time. You can do your bit by donating directly to the Support Act COVID19 Emergency Appeal below.