Your weekly social disdancing fix is back.

Cabin Fever is well and truly setting in... so we're providing the perfect soundtrack to cure your claustrophobia. As a proud supporter of Support Actthis series is our platform to connect with our favourite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our second guests are home-grown homies and full-time hustlers Set Mo. Since bursting onto the scene with their certified classic 'White Dress' (which turns 5 today), they've become our office favourites for their stamina sessions, sunset sets and Sesh Mo shenanigans.

Tune into their contribution exclusively now via our SoundCloud and peep how the lads are keeping themselves occupied in isolation below.


1) Nick & Stu, firstly thank you for that nice little curation of iso-inspiration to kickstart our long weekend. How has the world of Set Mo changed since the outbreak?

It’s definitely been quite an adjustment for us. We’re used to being in the studio together during the week and then often travelling on the weekend for shows. Over the last month we both barely left our homes.

We’ve been figuring out ways we can still work on music together and get other stuff done which to be honest has been a bit challenging but we’re making it work at the moment. Luckily so much stuff can be done online by bouncing stuff back and forth but having never worked remotely it’s hard recreating the energy we generate off each other in the studio. 

2) Yep... we've pretty much become hermits as well. How are the lads keeping sane?

We’ve found routine has been key. Going to bed at a regular time, waking up at a regular time, trying to get in some sort of movement everyday, meditating etc. It has been nice to just have more time to do things like read, listen to albums and go on walks.

3) What's the best thing you guys think will come out of this period?

I think a lot of great will come from this period and everyone being forced to change the way they do things. A bit of a pause has given us time to reflect and reevaluate things we’ve been doing on autopilot and refine parts of the process with the experience we’ve gained over the last few years.

In terms of music, not being in the same studio has slowed things down in the short term while we figure out a process that works for both of us but we’re finding a groove - sending sessions back and forth and facetiming. We’ve made a couple of tracks that we’re really vibing already and it’s early days so musical babies are more than likely ;-)

4) Are the days of stamina sessions over? Can we get a post-pandemic marathon Set Mo set would be rather spicy.

Never say never! The last 12 months have definitely been all about the live show but DJing is still where it all began for us. We were just speaking between ourselves about how epic the parties are going to be once things start to reopen so we might just have to get in on that…

5) Thanks for getting involved homies! We'll catch you on the other side! Any closing words? 

I guess just keep supporting what and who you love. Use this time to sharpen the saw and work on yourself if you’re finding it tricky recreating your usual routine. YouTube is your best friend. It’s time to find out if all those things you felt you didn’t have time for are genuine neglected passions or pipe dreams that you don’t really connect with.

More specific to music: Stream your favourite artists, let them know you’re listening to them on their socials and share the tunes on yours, buy their merch if you can afford to. Everyone has more time on their hands now, we’re reading all those DMs and they mean the world to us. For heaps of artists merch is their only income right now and every little bit helps.  


Cools is calling upon our all our music loving crew across the globe to support the industry appeal where possible. With your help, we'll be able to support our music workers through this difficult period and help them be in a position to bounce back louder and throw the biggest post-pandemic party of all time. You can do your bit by donating directly to the Support Act COVID19 Emergency Appeal below.