A special edition for our Melburnian crew. 

We’re standing with our Melbourne folks and dropping a brand new Cabin Fever Mixtape with a local cult hero to help lessen the blow as our mates revert back into their isolation hibernation. As a proud supporter of Support Actthis series is our platform to connect with our favourite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

This week we’re joined by Melbourne-based house artist and label curator Torren Foot for a thumping mix of bass-driven house tracks. Since starting his grind onto the Melbourne club scene almost a decade ago, Mr Foot has emerged as one of the latest locals to hit the big-time with his club anthem More Life topping the global overall Beatport charts.

We caught up with him to chat what’s been happening in his world and it may or may not include putting a bun in the oven! Streaming now via SoundCloud, peep below for the exclusive interview. 


1) Torren! First things first, massive congrats to yourself and Mrs Foot for putting a bloody bun in the oven. What else has been happening over the last couple of months?

Hahaha thank you so much, we’re super excited! It’s our first child, and we're really enjoying this time. My last couple of months have actually been pretty busy... I took on a heap of remix work, and am firming up a few things for my next couple of singles, so it’s kept me very busy in the studio.

2) There's no doubt 2020 had big plans for yourself following a number of mammoth releases and topping the Beatport Charts with More Life, how did yourself and the team respond to the outbreak? 

Yeah it’s been a real dampener for everyone! We decided early that we really needed to take advantage of this time, and try and come out of the other side stronger.

We used the remixes to continue to develop my sound and skill set, as well as to keep releasing music! Now more than ever it’s important to keep sending positive energy into the world, and this was my way of doing it 

3) What's been keeping you sane since shit hit the fan?

I struggled a bit at the start, for sure! I flew back in from the states, and had to quarantine for 2 weeks, so coming out of that into Stage 3 lockdown was like a holiday haha!

But once I settled into it, I realised that my mental health would have to take a real priority, so I started meditating every day, eating all my meals outside (luckily it was still warm during the beginning of lockdown) and running.

Running is a huge one for me, it relaxes the mind, services the body, and flushes your brain with endorphins … plus it helps counteract the 2 blocks of Cadbury Crunchie I was eating every day haha.

4) As Melbourne goes back into lockdown we're sure people are going to be itching to party on the other side... what's your dream line-up for a post pandemic session and where would it be?

What a question! I miss clubs, and DJ’ing with my friends so much, so I’m going to have to say a mammoth back to back at Revolver. A two day, last man standing type of situation. A boy can dream!

5) Besides a little foot, what else can we expect from Torren Camp for the rest of 2020?

I’ve got a huge remix for Eats Everything dropping later this month, and some really big news coming in August, but you’ll just have to wait for that one haha.


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 Lastlings (TF Club Mix) 
Take My Hand 
The Deepshakerz & Kid Enigma
Shake It
Channel Tres (Walker & Royce Remix) 
Turn Off The Lights
Yung Bae ft. bbno$ (TF Club Edit) 
Bad Boy
Mescal Kids 
Calling Me
Deeper Purpose 
Eli Brown & Mason Maynard 
Touch Me


Torren Foot
More Life
Martin Ikin & Sammy Porter 
Back To Funk
San Pacho & WOAK
Will Taylor (John Summit & Kaysin Remix) 
The Way
Return of the Jaded 
Dusty Organ
John Summit
Deep End
Mason Maynard
From The Start