Feels good to be B.Home. 

To celebrate our brand new collection My Island Home, we're joined by the mysterious Girls Of The Internet for a groovy lesson in leisure all the way from the UK.

Coming onto the Cools map since we discovered their sophomore album 'Girls FM' late last year, the crew behind Girls Of The Internet have managed to make waves for their signature blend of soul, house and disco all whilst steering clear of the industry hoo-ha by maintaining their status as primarily a studio project (less shows, less worries). 

Hot off their soothing EP release 25 Minutes of Relaxing ASMR over the weekend, we're delighted to invite our crew all aboard the groove train for 60 minutes of poolside pleasure. 

Stream the full mixtape now via SoundCloud and peep the full Q&A below.  


1) As an artist from the UK, how has the last 18 months treated you and how’s everything over there now as things open up again?

Lockdown was actually great for us - I decided early on that I would release music every 4 weeks running up to our second album 'Girls FM’, so we were busy writing, producing and releasing

I think 2020 was the year we properly established ourselves, so aside from not being able to leave the house, things were great!

I think 2020 was the year we properly established ourselves, so aside from not being able to leave the house, things were great!

2) What are you missing the most about playing live shows? And any plans to hit the road soon? 

Playing out was only a small part of Girls of the Internet - it really is a studio project, so I’ve been happy churning music out of the studio. I love to DJ though, and I just did my first show back in Brighton, which was a lot of fun. Live, our debut show is at Night Tales, which is excitingly already sold out! We have a few more DJ and live shows running up until the end of the year.

3) Favourite release under your label Drab Queen?

Probably 'Girls FM’ - although it’s far from perfect, I’m so happy with what we put together. We’re closer to establishing our sound and concepts behind the group.

I also personally did the artwork and wrote most of the tracks, so I’m very proud of that, and it was all recorded at home in a global lockdown! It was made in a weird/horrible time for the whole world, and it’s amazing to come out the other end with something positive.

4) Countryside or poolside?

I’m from the country, so if I don't say countryside, the rural elders will sacrifice me in a ritualistic burning ceremony. There are swimming pools in the countryside though!

5) If Girls Of The Internet could host the dream, infinite budget party... who would be on the line-up and where would it all go down?  

Does infinite budget extend to time travel and resurrection? I’m going to assume yes!

So; Raymond Scott warming up, Stereolab live, Andrew Weatherall playing a Blood Sugar set, Fela Kuti & Africa 70 live, Ron Hardy at his Music Box peak, Loleatta Holloway PA, Daft Punk in 1996 doing a samplers and drum machines set, Claude Young DJ set, Sylvester & Two Tons of Fun live, all playing at The Paradise Garage with Larry Levan.

6) What’s on for the rest of this year and beyond?

The next album is almost written, we just have to get it recorded and stuff. Currently working out what we’re gonna do with that. A couple more singles ready to go too - I’m really just giving the last album a bit of space right now as we released so much last year.

Playing with some ideas for NFT’s. We are also sorting out a live tour for early 2022, which we are incredibly excited about!