Crew love is true love. 

Joining B.Cools for our latest mixtape is Baltimore-bred singer, guitarist and producer Life On Planets formally known as Liph. Part of the Crew Love family since the very early days, this is another one we're delighted to be ticking off the Cools Bucket List. 

Life on Planets is the story of a seeker; beginning his career making tracks in the warehouses of the underground Baltimore scene to making releases under Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap and Crew Love to name a few. Combining sultry lyrics with passion filled guitar licks and thumping beats, Liph melds r&b, bossa nova, reggae and house to weave surreal tales of wonder, bringing fresh awareness and consciousness to the dance-floor. 

Fresh off the release of Trippin with Brandon Lucas featuring the vocals of the man himself, it's time to introduce Life On Planets to the Cools mixtape alumni. Peep the full interview below and stream it now via SoundCloud

Thanks for being Cools.


1) What’s been happening the last 18 months and since this returned to some sort of normalcy in the states?

I've been making new tunes, gettin settled in Miami and really working on myself as an artist and a musician. Covid is a tragedy but out of the ashes I've put together a number of great collaborations and music that may not have been possible.

2) You started off busking the streets playing folk and jazz to touring around the world playing house, rnb hip hop. What’s one opportunity that happened along this wild ride that you’re most grateful for?  

 I was up there dancin, preaching, telling everyone to follow their dreams haha. It was everything I had been working for finally in front of me. Really grateful to Gadi and the crew for supporting me and taking me under their wings <3

3) David Marston has worked his magic on a bunch of your tunes and you guys have collaborated in the past, we think he’s rad… what’s it like working with him?

I think its gotta be Salon Amador in Medellin. It was my first international gig since covid and the energy was through the roof!! There was a real openess, everyone dancing and shouting and me howling and shuffling. So much fun.

David is a real master of his craft. It was great living in New York where I could link up with him and make music. You can record something that sounds ok, give it to Dave and have something mind blowing when he finishes. Some of our stuff still turns my head and I'm like "That was me?!"

4) The Soul Clap family taught us that crew love is true love. How’s everything going with the wider Crew Love family?

I've been fortunate enough to see most of the crew since covid. Everyone is working on dope new music and we have some killer collabs coming next year. Next month we're also having a Crew Love reunion show in Miami so I'm pumped to see the fam all together!!

6) Any New Years plans? 

Ima be in LA for a gig! They say you spend the rest of the year doing what you do on New Years so gonna try not to have too much champagne and trainwreck my set

7) Fill us in on a secret… what’s your fail-proof and number one go-to floor filler track?

If all else fails I hit dat Robin S...Everyone loves a good sing along to Show Me Love.

8) Can you fill us in on how to emcee like a boss? We got a couple DJ gigs this summer...

The one reason I love dj sets and culture so much is that theres never that awkward pause between songs where you gotta tell a story or chit chat...but it really is clutch to find moments to interact with the audience. Make fun of people, make a dance, take a picture; let them know you riding together even tho you behind the deck or up on stage!