Lockdown Leisure Club.

Whether you’re locking down, laying low or lapping up your liberties, we hope you're keeping safe and staying Cools. As restrictions creep their way back into our lives down under, we're bringing Tender Games to our latest mixtape series dial up the vibe all the way from the party capital of the world. 

Soul singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Tender Games is the project of German-Jamaican Ulrich Harrison. Since releasing his debut album in 2014, the musical maestro has gone onto build a delectable discography across a bunch of EPs, remixes and singles including his latest release Hard To Find, a feel-good disco groove with punchy poolside flavour. 

Now home at Berlin-based record label Midnight Snacks since 2019, Mr Harrison is combining his characteristic delicate and soulful voice with the iconic sounds of funk, soul and R&B to create his signature blend of poolside disco music - and we think you're going to love it.  

Fresh off his first live set in over a year, we caught up on the blog to chat all things life in post-lockdown Germany, poolside parties and a whole bunch more. Read the full interview and stream the mixtape live now via our SoundCloud below.


1) Yo! Thanks for jumping on the series, what's been happening in the wonderful world of Tender Games? 

Hey Guys, first of all, thanks for having me. To be honest, the last year treated me better than one would expect. I tried to stay positive and due to the lack of gigs, I was really active as far as producing goes.

I wrote a lot of new Tender Games music - both disco & house but also some classic soul. Apart from that I am a family man and spent a lot of time with my child and wife

2) You smashed a very funky first live set in over a year for Mixmag a couple of weeks ago. How was it being back? 

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :) It was kind of surreal. I tried to stay away from streaming for the most part. But the idea behind this one was cool and everything is coming back to normal a bit.

I had goosebumps even though there were no people present. But just the thought of performing and dancing with people really made me quite emotional.

3) Coming from such a diverse musical background, we're curious to hear what genre you couldn't live without and why?

As a Jamaican, I have to say reggae! It is my go-to music if I am in a bad mood and even if I need spiritual guidance. But also disco & soul play a huge role in my daily life. So it´s hard to really stick with ONE genre.

4) What's your perfect post-pandemic poolside disco line-up and where would it all go down?

Hmmmm. For sure my favorite duo Session Victim - they play a great live set. Apart from that, I´d invite Todd Terje for some wonky vibes and probably Kenny Dope just for the fanboy factor. He got some insane disco mixtapes!

5) The Girls Of The Internet just released a rad remix of your latest single Hard To Find - very dope. How did everything link up there? 

To be honest I did not think they´d be up for it. But I wanted to ask for quite some time and Paul (Midnight Snacks) made it happen in the end. They delivered great work and it is an honour for me to have gotten that remix treatment.

6) Last but not least - what's next for Tender Games for the remainder of the year and beyond?

As mentioned before I am writing a Soul Album but apart from that I got a few more disco & house singles coming up. Also working on releasing a joined project with Fritz Kalkbrenner where we explore soulful tracks beyond the club music we both do. Should be an exciting second half of the year :)

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